Zara Denim shirt and skirt are all right

For the fashion element of cowboys, we may still stay in American street culture or fashion wear. But denim has been in the fashion circle for a long time. In the spring season, take off the heavy coat. Denim, which looks light but has a provocative material, should be put on more in spring!
After watching countless Street Photos, you need to master these ways of dressing, if you want to master the fashion element of cowboys. women skirt, denim coat, even coat, if the length is three inches on the knee, it can help you create a “denim skirt” feeling. Even some girls will tie a belt to improve their waistline. They can wear boots at the bottom. This “lower body” missing wearing method is also very suitable for girls who want to decorate their bodies.
There are many styles of denim skirt. Denim shirt skirt is a kind of versatile item that can’t make mistakes. After wearing it, you can only match with some exquisite accessories. A logo belt in the middle of the off shoulder denim skirt is also very eye-catching. You can go out of the street with a pair of small cat heels, which will let you step by step.