The famous Omega De Ville watch

Launched in 1960 as a part of this bigger Seamaster series, it was only in 1967 that the Omega De Ville group became independent of their Seamaster line-up.

The De Ville’s goal was to give an elegant alternative to models. Omega, consequently, continued with all the classic, dressy design of the Seamaster. However, it underwent a few tiny changes to make it even more attractive to a broader, younger audience.


The changes contained competitive rates, a vast array of cases — including ovals, rectangles, and squares — and intriguing layouts. As a result of its compact, layouts that were varied, the De Ville shortly became Omega’s fastest-selling collection.

Many people have worn Omega watches that were famous with the classic Omega De Ville no exception.

Fantastic this Omega watch provides watch movements while symbolizing expert and luxury craftsmanship.