You Are What You Eat

Let’s get real about eating healthy in your 20’s . . .and consider doing something about it!

It’s a Monday night, I’m alone in my bed watching an endless flow of Netflix documentaries and, as I’m watching, I have an abnormally large bag of potato chips glued to my side. I feel like everyone has those moments, where they think “I need to stop doing this to my body.” Surprisingly, mine wasn’t when I unbuttoned by pants in public after eating my weight in pizza or walking to McDonalds at 2am for a Big Mac… it was me, alone in my room, consuming food without even enjoying or realizing it. I stopped mid-movie, I got up, and I told myself it was time to start treating my body right.

I just turned 21 and I feel overwhelmed with my new state of freedom. I scan aisles of grocery stores for generic off-brand items that save me 30 cents. The concept of a fun night is getting together with friends and talking about feelings over piles of junk food. Eating Pringles at 3am is almost a rite of passage as a college student, which is exactly why I want to break the college routine and create a new lifestyle for myself, starting now.

For the next two weeks, I’m going to do my best to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and I’m going to be documenting the whole thing via journal. I’m going to be honest. I won’t lie about my slip-ups (where I accidentally order a burger, because I can already tell you that will probably happen). I want to be real about trying to eat healthy in a world where you pass seven fast food chains on your way to work.

  • Saying no to soda, going with water
  • Being conscious of what I order if I do go out
  • Throw out the junk food
  • Stay away from unnecessary sugar
  • Maybe go on a run if I feel up for it. . . Too far?

If you’re someone who’s been waiting for a wakeup call to create a new lifestyle for yourself, this is it.


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